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Eliminating FGM in Egypt

FGM Elimination in Egypt

Eliminating FGM in Egypt is a constant goal for Tadwein for Gender Studies. To be able to achieve this goal a number of activities are conducted or a regular basis. These include conducting training for civil society members, training for members of the Specialized National Councils, awareness-raising sessions, and medical convoys to raise awareness on FGM. Moreover, Tadwein for Gender Studies regularly organizes advocacy campaigns and conferences to advocate for the elimination of FGM in Egypt.

  • Organizing advocacy campaigns:
  • Organizing Conferences:

Cumulative Efforts to Combat FGM in Egypt Conference

Round Table titled “Circumcision is not Honorable”

Conference to launch the establishment of the Anti -FGM Taskforce

Tadwein for Gender Studies is also a founding member of the Anti- FGM Taskforce in Egypt. The Anti- FGM Taskforce is made up of many Egyptian Civil Society Institutions which are exerting efforts to eliminate FGM in Egypt.

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