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“Mayenfaash” Campaign

“Mayenfaash” Campaign

In Egypt, more than 50% of men support the continuation of the FGM. 68.6% of young men plan to circumcise their daughters in the future. Tadwein for Gender Studies thus launched a campaign named #Mayenfaash to address and raise an awareness message to men on social media platforms, coinciding with the International Day of Zero Tolerance to FGM.

During this campaign, Tadwein attempted to create a state of controversy among social media platform users to raise awareness and hold community discussions in order to reject and confront the continuation of female genital mutilation in Egypt.

It is worth noting that the campaign published nearly 20 articles/posts urging young men and women to stand against FGM. The campaign addressed a large number of public figures, including people in the fields of media, community development and human rights advocates in Egypt. The campaign broadcasted short films and testimonies of women and girls who have been subjected to FGM. Infographics with accurate data and information on the social and cultural factors affecting the persistence of FGM in Egypt were also published.