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Gender Representation in Egyptian Drama (Mirayat)

Gender Representation in Egyptian Drama (Mirayat)

Tadwein for Gender Studies conducted a research project that aimed to examine and analyze gendered images in Egyptian drama and their effects on shaping and reinforcing gender stereotypes and discourses. This project was collaborative work with the Herdo organization and W laha Wogouh Okhra online platform.

The study included qualitative and quantitative analysis of 56 Egyptian drama series aired during the month of Ramadan in the years 2017 and 2018. Focus group discussions with 16 young women and men, in-depth interviews with 7 drama workers, and an online survey were conducted in order to understand the role of drama producers and directors in promoting positive and diverse gender images through their work, examine the obstacles faced in introducing non-stereotyped gender images and identify the effects of those gendered images on shaping young people’s perceptions and practices.

A study report was published and a series of videos were produced and widely disseminated. Also, the outcomes of the study were publicized at a conference in the year 2019.

 A Press Release was issued on the 17th of May 2018

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