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Gender Representation in Egyptian Drama (Mirayat)

Gender Representation in Egyptian Drama (Mirayat)

Tadwein conducted a research project that aims to examine and analyze gendered images in Egyptian drama and their effects in shaping and reinforcing gender stereotypes and discourses. This project was a collaborative work with Herdo organization and W laha Wogouh Okhra online platform.

The study includes qualitative and quantitative analysis of 56 Egyptian drama series aired during the months of Ramadan of 2017 & 2018. Focus group discussions with 16 young women and men and in-depth interviews with 7 drama workers, and an online survey were conducted to:

  • Understand the role of drama producers and directors in promoting positive and diverse gender images through their work.
  • Examine the obstacles they face in introducing non-stereotyped gender images.
  • Identify the effects of these gendered images on shaping young people’s perceptions and practices.

A study report was published in 2019 and a series of videos were produced and widely disseminated. Also, the outcomes of the study were publicized in a conference on April 21, 2019.