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Press Release to launch “Speak Out Your Pain” Campaign

Press Release to launch “Speak Out Your Pain” Campaign

Press Release

11th October 2022

WHO defines FGM as the partial or complete removal of the external reproductive parts or other injuries to female reproductive parts for non-medical reasons. This crime is internationally known as “Female Genital Mutilation” which speaks volumes of the type of human rights violations that young girls are exposed to, as well as the type of physical and mental torments that befall them as a result of the partial or complete cutting of organs that have vital and important functions for their physical, psychological and reproductive health.

This crime is unfortunately widely practiced across Egypt. Whereby 92% of women whose ages range from 14 to 49 years old have undergone FGM, moreover, 82% of FGM crimes are carried out at the hands of doctors and medical care providers, which is also known as “medicalization of FGM”.

Although the prevalence rates of female genital mutilation decreased among girls aged 0-17 years from 69% to 55% during the period from 2005 to 2014, it is expected that one in three girls will undergo this crime by the year 2030.

Moreover, as a result of the lack of awareness of the dangers of FGM, more than half of the Egyptian population (59% males, and 54% females) still support the practice of this crime.

FGM is especially advocated and supported by girls and women in rural areas, in the poorest households, among the elderly, and those with low educational levels.

Therefore, in conjunction with the “International Day of the Girl Child”, Tadwein for Gender Studies, has launched a campaign entitled “Speak Out Your Pain”. The campaign aimed to encourage women and girls who have been subjected to this crime and inhumane practice by sharing their stories and suffering, and to prepare for its eradication.