خريطة الـ GBV

تواصلوا معنا

14 شارع الجولف ، سرايات المعادي


Gender Sensitization among Young People in Egypt

The lack of proper gender-sensitive education, whether formally in schools or informally in youth centers clubs or any other youth gatherings, is contributing to the continuation of harmful practices (such as FGM and early marriage) and violence against women. Thus, Tadwein designed a programme aiming to contribute to the efforts on eliminating gender-based violence in Egypt through gender-related education of young adolescents.

The programme was conducted in 2017/18 and a manual named “You and me: Girl and Boy” was developed. The manual is of a participatory nature and aims to assist youth teachers and mentors to deliver messages promoting positive gender roles and equality. During the experimentation of the programme, Tadwein successfully trained 95 teachers & mentors on how to use the manual; who in turn implemented it with 265 adolescents from 5 Egyptian governorates.

Based on the success of the experimental intervention, the follow-up intervention used the measured results and achievements to further advocate and collaborate with duty bearers, with the objective of promoting the “teacher/mentor training module and manual” to interested institutions and having them adapt and disseminate them within their existing programs.

The outcomes of this project were publicized at a ronnd table in April 2018.