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Slayed by Harassment campaign

Slayed by Harassment campaign

The majority of Egyptian women get exposed to various forms of sexual harassment in the public sphere such as verbal harassment, unwanted touching, and in some cases sexual assault/ rape. Egypt has one of the highest rates of sexual harassment in the world. A study conducted by the United Nations Women Organization (UN Women) stated that 99% of women in Egypt experienced some form of sexual harassment in the public sphere before.

According to the results of the Population Council Survey in Egypt in 2014, 41.9% of girls age from 13 to 29 years old were subjected to sexual harassment, while 49.5% of girls age from 13 to 17 years old were also subjected to harassment.

And despite the amendments in the Egyptian Penal Code and in the definition of the concept of sexual harassment in the Egyptian law in 2014, sexual harassment continues, and the incidents of sexual harassment have taken a more violent turn, which, in some cases, might extend to the harasser killing the victim and whoever is helping her.

Therefore, Tadwein Center for Gender Studies conducted a campaign on social media entitled #Slayed_by_harassment, documenting the stories of those who were killed at the hands of sexual harassers, in order to show the severity of this crime.

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