Gender Sensitive Language Workshops to Journalists

Four workshops took place with media personnel on gender sensitive journalism. To maintain sustainability, Tadwein developed a manual that includes all the needed information to equip target groups with the needed skills and knowledge.

Basics and Principles of Gender Sensitive Media Coverage

In every sexual assault incident in Egypt, the media stands in a hostile position towards the victims/survivors, as it intentionally presents them in offensive manners and uses their personal lives and pictures without their permission, justifying violence against them. This is a clear violation of all national and international press and media laws and conventions […]

Digital Security; Online-Securing for Women

Project’s date 2017 While conducting a research amongst vulnerable groups, Tadwein came to understand the risks women and girls, activists and others face online. Discussions with these groups revealed that they get exposed to all sorts of bullying, online harassment, as well as threats of hacking and disclosures of their identity. As a result, Tadwein […]

Gender Representation in Egyptian Drama “Merayat”

Project’s date 2018-2019 Tadwein conducted a research project that aims to examine and analyze gendered images in the Egyptian drama and their effects in shaping and reinforcing gender stereotypes and discourses. This project was a collaborative work with Herdo organization and W laha Wogouh Okhra online platform. The study includes qualitative and quantitative analysis of […]

Merayat Conference

Tadwein Gender Research Center, W Laha Wogouh Okhra platform and Hrdo Center organized a closing conference for “Merayat for Monitoring and Analyzing Ramadan Drama Series in 2017 and 2018 from a Gender Perspective” on April 21, 2019 in an hotel in Cairo. Merayat is a project that attempts to achieve gender equality in the drama […]

Screening “Bent El Nas” Film

Tadwein Center for Gender Studies organized a discussion session on May 7, 2017 entitled “Efforts to Combat Sexual Harassment in Egypt” to screen the award-winning movie “Bent El Nas” that discusses the issue of sexual harassment. The session aimed to discuss the efforts made to combat sexual violence against women, in light of what the […]

Gender-Sensitive Journalism Basics and Principles

Project’s date  2018-2019 Tadwein organized a series of awareness workshops to journalists and media workers on the main principles of gender sensitive press coverage. It also organized a round-table with journalists to discuss issues of sexual harassment in workplace.  The center conducted these workshops since it believes that media can significantly challenge or reinforce already […]