Basics and Principles of Gender Sensitive Media Coverage

In every sexual assault incident in Egypt, the media stands in a hostile position towards the victims/survivors, as it intentionally presents them in offensive manners and uses their personal lives and pictures without their permissions, justifying violence against them. This is a clear violation of all national and international press and media laws and conventions that the media workers must abide by, as they must comply with the principles of honor, honesty, preservation of personal freedoms and protection of citizens’ rights.

Towards Effective Participation of Women in Local Councils Guideline Booklet

“The local councils are ours” is a simplified introductory manual that aims to provide information about LPCs, by explaining the constitution articles that are related to localities, clarifying their functions and chores and trying to link local development programs with the needs of women in the society.

This manual was prepared to provide women and young girls with basic knowledge on the role of women in local councils, and the role of the local councils in enhancing the status of women and the society as a whole.

Merayat Study to Monitor and Analyze Ramadan Drama from a Gender Perspective

The results of Merayat’s study to monitor and analyze Ramadan drama from a gender perspective for the 2017 and 2018 seasons.

A Study on Mayar's FGM Case

This study and the attached video document the story of Mayar (17 years) from Suez Governorate, who lost her life in 2016 to FGM at the hands of a doctor in a private hospital in Suez.

Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Medical Doctors towards FGM

This study aims to do the following:

  • Identify the level of knowledge amongst medical students regarding FGM in Egypt, and its prevalence.
  • Identify the views of medical students regarding FGM, and their level of support of this practice.
  • Understanding the extent to which medical students have received any theoretical or practical information about FGM during their undergraduate years.
  • Determining the trends towards performing FGM by medical students in the future, especially after they finish their studies.

Training Guide to Include Women in Local Councils

This training manual is to provide trainers with basic knowledge on issues of local governance and women’s inclusion in local issues, election campaign management, social communication and community initiatives

Women's Rights Online; Translating Access into Empowerment

This report explores the real extent of that divide in nine cities across nine
developing countries, in order to gain a better understanding of the
empowering potential of ICTs as a weapon against poverty and gender
inequality, and the barriers that must be overcome to unlock it.

The research reveals a picture of extreme inequalities in digital
empowerment − which seem to parallel wider societal disparities in
information-seeking, voice and civic engagement. 

Sexual Violence in Egypt: A Study on the Means of Support, Protection and Reporting Mechanisms

This study aims to highlight the severity of the phenomenon of sexual violence in Egypt in terms of its prevalence, the characteristics of women and girls who are subjected to this type of violence, and its physical, psychological and sexual effects on victims and survivors. The study also sought to shed light on the nature of the initiatives and services provided by the Egyptian government to victims of sexual violence, and to determine the extent of the study participants’ knowledge of these initiatives and services, and their point of view about them. 

The study was conducted in poor areas within Greater Cairo in the governorates of Cairo (Helwan), Giza (6 October), and Qalyubia (Shubra El-Kheima). The number of participants in the survey sample was assigned to 1000 participants (750 females and 250 males). This study is from 18 to 60 years old.

Digital Security Manual

A digital security guide to enhance the protection of girls and women on the Internet, their protection from hacking, sexual harassment, and exposure to bullying, and ways to avoid them.


Sexual Assault Incidents in Egypt; A Never-Ending Story Study

An analysis of the testimonies of survivors of sexual assault in Egypt, a study that was conducted and published in 2020.