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Mapping of Gender-based projects in Egypt

Mapping of Gender-based projects in Egypt

Tadwein has implemented the “Mapping GBV Work in Egypt”, an online platform which aims to provide information on the different efforts undertaken by various NGOs in the field of gender-based violence. As a result, an interactive Map was developed with data on projects, organizations, and donors working on GBV in Egypt.  The data is sorted by themes, implementing organization, and geographical locations (on a governorate level). The interactive Map is the first comprehensive source of information on GBV programmes in Egypt with the goal to provide relevant data and information to avoid duplication of efforts and resources, and overcome the obstacles and barriers NGOs face in delivering GBV programmes. Data were collected from 30 different NGOs.

The Map was launched on April 11, 2016, was updated in 2019 and is going to be updated again in 2021. The outcomes of the projects were publicized in a conference on April 11, 2016.

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