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14 شارع الجولف ، سرايات المعادي



The Feminist Fabric Project: Initiatives First Meeting

On the 11th of March 2023, Tadwein for Gender Studies organized the first of many meetings for the participating feminist initiatives in “The Feminist Fabric” Project. The aim of the first meeting was to acquaint initiatives with each other, identify the needs of each initiative, and design and organize workshops to address those needs.


Feminist Fabric

In 2023, Tadwein for Gender Studies in collaboration with the Civil Society in Development Association (CISU) launched a new project titled “Feminist Fabric”. The project aims to combat GBV in Egypt through the establishment of a network of feminist initiatives from 8 Egyptian Governorates. Through this project, Tadwein for Gender Studies aspires to enhance the capacities and skills of these feminists’ initiatives, provide technical support to these initiatives to be able to strategically address the issue of GBV in their respective governorates, and mobilize resources and efforts for policy changes at the local level. To be able to achieve these objectives, the feminist initiatives were trained in Strategic Planning, Proposals Writing, and Digital Security.