Violence among the Youth in Urban Poor Greater Cairo

Project’s date 2017-2020 This project aims to study violence among young people in urban poor Cairo through conducting a research study. The objectives of the study are to identify different forms, determinants and consequences of violence on young people, and the different tactics they developed to resist it. The study was conducted in 22 poor […]

Women’s Rights Online Network

Project’s date 2015 Tadwein is a member of a multi-country network called “Women’s Rights Online”. This network aims to build evidence-based data on ICT and gender in participating countries within the next five years. As part of the network activities, Tadwein conducted a research named “Translating Access into Empowerment” in Egypt. The research aimed to […]

Gender Sensitization among Young People in Egypt

  Project’s date 2018   The lack of proper gender-sensitive education, whether formally in schools or informally in youth centers clubs or any other youth gatherings, is contributing to the continuation of harmful practices (such as FGM and early marriage) and violence against women. Thus, Tadwein designed a programme aiming to contribute to the efforts […]

Gender Sensitization among Young People in Egypt (phase two)

Project’s date 2019   This project started in 2018 and lasted for 6 months as an experimental stage, then it was resumed again in January 2019 and continued till December 2019. The project mainly aimed to combat gender-based violence among adolescents by creating a training manual explaining the concepts and definitions of violence and its […]

Digital Security; Online-Securing for Women

Project’s date 2017 While conducting a research amongst vulnerable groups, Tadwein came to understand the risks women and girls, activists and others face online. Discussions with these groups revealed that they get exposed to all sorts of bullying, online harassment, as well as threats of hacking and disclosures of their identity. As a result, Tadwein […]

Gender Representation in Egyptian Drama “Merayat”

Project’s date 2018-2019 Tadwein conducted a research project that aims to examine and analyze gendered images in the Egyptian drama and their effects in shaping and reinforcing gender stereotypes and discourses. This project was a collaborative work with Herdo organization and W laha Wogouh Okhra online platform. The study includes qualitative and quantitative analysis of […]

Early/Child Marriage impacts on girls’ lives in Rural and Urban Areas in Egypt

  Project’s Date  2019-2020 Tadwein has worked on this project from mid-2019 to mid-2020. Tadwein is implementing this project to raise awareness about the harmful impacts of early/child marriage on the lives of women in urban greater Cairo and rural areas in Fayoum. To reach this goal, Tadwein has: Provided CBOs in the targeted areas […]

FGM Elimination in Egypt

  Project’s date 2017   This projects aims to eliminate female genital mutilation in Egypt through several activities:   Training the civil society workers. Forming medical caravans to educate the people about the dangers of female genital mutilation. Organizing advocacy campaigns. Tadwein Center for Gender Studies is a founding member of the Task Force against […]

Gender-Sensitive Journalism Basics and Principles

Project’s date  2018-2019 Tadwein organized a series of awareness workshops to journalists and media workers on the main principles of gender sensitive press coverage. It also organized a round-table with journalists to discuss issues of sexual harassment in workplace.  The center conducted these workshops since it believes that media can significantly challenge or reinforce already […]