Screening “Bent El Nas” Film

Tadwein Center for Gender Studies organized a discussion session on May 7, 2017 entitled “Efforts to Combat Sexual Harassment in Egypt” to screen the award-winning movie “Bent El Nas” that discusses the issue of sexual harassment. The session aimed to discuss the efforts made to combat sexual violence against women, in light of what the […]

The Unified Law to Combat Violence against Women

As a result of the absence of laws that criminalize all forms of violence against women, and the inability of the current laws to effectively criminalize many forms of violence that women face, a work force consisting of 7 institutions working on women’s rights was established in Egypt, where a draft of a unified violence […]

Task Force against FGM

Despite the efforts made by governmental and civil society intuitions over the past two decades in eliminating FGM /C, the results indicate that the magnitude of change is in no way proportional to the size of the human and financial resources allocated to this issue. As Tadwein Center crucially believe in the importance of getting […]