One Boat 2020

The world will not be able to recover after the Coronavirus pandemic without the cooperation of all individuals together to address this crisis. One of the pandemic’s positive aspects is that it forced everyone to stay at home with their families, whom they rarely spent time with due to life’s concerns, problems and pressures. Therefore, […]

The Sexual Harassment Incident in El-Demerdash Hospital 2018

Campaign’s date: 2018 El Demerdash Hospital has became a safe haven for harassers. Tadwein Center for Gender Studies announced its full solidarity and unconditional and permanent support for all survivors and victims of sexual harassment, especially the 18-year-old girl (M.A.) who was subjected to sexual harassment at the hands of a nursing staff member at […]

Life is a Cycle and Her Menstrual Cycle is Life

#Life is a cycle and her menstrual cycle is life is an electronic campaign launched by Love Matters initiative, Tadwein Center for Gender Studies and Edraak Foundation for Development and Equality to correct the wrong information and negative perceptions about women’s menstrual cycles. This campaign aimed to spread awareness and information about menstruation; the monthly […]

“Not only Touching” Campaign

Not only Touching is a campaign to show solidarity with women and girls facing harassers. A collaboration of organizations (1) express their full support for the Egyptian girl, Menna Gobran, due to the attacks she is subjected to after she adhered to her right to a safe public space and her quest to access her […]

Mayar’s FGM Case

This study and video documented the story of Mayar (17 years) from Suez Governorate, who lost her life in 2016 after undergoing female genital mutilation (FGM), being done by a doctor in a private hospital in Suez.