Who We Are

Tadwein Center for Gender Studies was established in 2014, with the aim of spreading evidence-based awareness on gender issues, carrying out projects, drafting policies, and taking the needed procedures to enhance women’s position in the Egyptian society and reduce the violence against women and girls in general. Tadwein is also working on narrowing the gap between the research and the work on the ground through collaborating with many other actors to ensure that most effective approaches are taken to eliminate violence against women and gender discrimination.

Our Vision

Tadwein Center for Gender Studies seeks to bring about change that promotes gender equality in Egypt since improving the status of women and girls is at the core of effective development. Women and girls often face gender-based discrimination, which places them at increased risk of poverty, poor education, disease, and violence. Thus, investing in their health, education, and strengthening their economic roles and political participation will improve women’s lives and benefit them and the society as a whole.


Conducting field research to get evidence-based data in order to spread awareness on gender issues, in addition to drafting policies, generating influential messages, and supporting relevant programs.

Documenting and analyzing women's stories and testimonies about violence and sexual assaults in the public and private spheres.

Encouraging cooperation and networking between local NGOs, and initiatives working on similar issues to ensure effectiveness and continuity.
Using technologies in planning awareness campaigns to reach different
social groups, focusing on the youth.
Using advocacy and lobbying tactics to encourage and attract males (men- youth - adolescents) to stop violence against women, and to build their capacities to work on reducing violence and gender discrimination.

Address: 14 El-Golf Street, Sarayat El Maadi

Mobile Number: 01200055721