Early/Child Marriage impacts on girls’ lives in Rural and Urban Areas in Egypt


Project’s Date


Tadwein has worked on this project from mid-2019 to mid-2020. Tadwein is implementing this project to raise awareness about the harmful impacts of early/child marriage on the lives of women in urban greater Cairo and rural areas in Fayoum.
To reach this goal, Tadwein has:
  • Provided CBOs in the targeted areas with a greater understanding of the risks of early marriage and GBV practices in general. It also capacitated them with advocacy tools and community-based awareness on how to identify issues and lay down strategies to initiate and conduct activities that aim to influence target groups about harmful practices within their communities.
  • Collected and documented a series of testimonies, based on interviews with 42 ever-married/ married women, illustrating the consequences of early marriage, focusing on social isolation, domestic violence, attitudes towards separation and divorce, the use of family planning, and gender inequalities.
  • Provided a series of awareness workshops to 120 married couples and underage unmarried girls in Fayoum and Greater Cairo.
  • Based on the results of these activities,
  • Tadwein launched an online awareness campaign including new evidence-based messages, advocating against the practice of early/child marriage.
  • Developed a study report on the consequences of early/child marriage.
  • The outcomes of this project was publicized in a round table on December 10, 2020.


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