Women’s Rights Online Network

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Tadwein is a member of a multi-country network called “Women’s Rights Online”. This network aims to build evidence-based data on ICT and gender in participating countries within the next five years. As part of the network activities, Tadwein conducted a research named “Translating Access into Empowerment” in Egypt. The research aimed to explore Egyptian women’s internet usage and to identify obstacles and threats they face in accessing the Internet and social media. Furthermore, Tadwein contributed to the Gender Digital Gap Audit report and produced a short film featuring women from urban poor communities in Cairo sharing their experience in using the internet.
Furthermore, a study was conducted on some urban poor areas in Helwan, Giza and Qaliubiya in Cairo. And, an in-person survey was conducted on 1000 respondents, of which 750 were females and 250 were males. The target age group of the survey was from 18 to 60 years old.
The outcomes of the study were publicized in the “16 days of activism against gender based violence” in December 2016.
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