Digital Security; Online-Securing for Women

Project’s date


While conducting a research amongst vulnerable groups, Tadwein came to understand the risks women and girls, activists and others face online. Discussions with these groups revealed that they get exposed to all sorts of bullying, online harassment, as well as threats of hacking and disclosures of their identity. As a result, Tadwein launched a series of security-training workshops for young people, women activists, reporters/journalists, survivors of violence and other vulnerable groups. The project was conducted in 2017. It targeted young girls and women, especially female journalists and feminist activists. The project included a series of workshops to women from 15 different governorates. The workshops were conducted to educate women about the definitions of hacking, harassment and sexual harassment and how to avoid it. To maintain sustainability, Tadwein developed a user-friendly resource manual that includes all the needed information to equip target groups with the needed skills to protect their privacy online.
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