A Round-Table Discussion on the Protection of Survivors, Witnesses and Experts in Sexual Violence Cases

Tadwein Center for Gender Studies held a round-table, in cooperation with Love Matters Initiative, to discuss the legal amendments regarding the protection of the survivors, witnesses and whistleblowers in sexual violence cases, on October 11, 2020. The round table included representatives of civil society institutions in Egypt such as, Center for Egyptian Women’s Legal Assistance, Egyptian Initiative for personal Rights, the Egyptian Female Lawyers Initiative and it included a group of lawyers as well.
The first session started with a review of the latest updates in some sexual violence cases such as the case of Fairmont and the case of Bassam Zaki. While during the second session, different legal proposals were discussed such as, the “Unified Law to Combat Violence Against women” which is submitted by 7 Egyptian institutions, the proposed law regulating the protection of the witnesses and experts that is submitted by the Center for Egyptian Women’s Legal Assistance and the approved legal amendments that protect the data of victims, witnesses and whistleblowers in sexual violence cases.