Despite the efforts made by governmental and civil society intuitions over the past two decades in eliminating FGM /C, the results indicate that the magnitude of change is in no way proportional to the size of the human and financial resources allocated to this issue. As Tadwein Center crucially believe in the importance of getting the women’s rights organizations to work on the issue of combating female genital mutilation again and that  there is no way for actual change in this regard without a concrete partnership between the state and civil society.  Tadwein met with a number of civil society organizations working in the field of combating violence against women, and they agreed on the need to unify their efforts in combating FGM, and on the need to reconfigure the “task force against FGM” as they believe that there is an urgent need to look critically at the efforts made throughout past years. One of the reasons behind the slow change in this issue is the state’s domination of it, and the decline of the role of civil society organizations despite its important role in combating female genital mutilation.


In light of the above, the task force against female genital mutilation aims to achieve the following: