The Sexual Harassment Incident in El-Demerdash Hospital 2018

Campaign’s date: 2018
El Demerdash Hospital has became a safe haven for harassers.
Tadwein Center for Gender Studies announced its full solidarity and unconditional and permanent support for all survivors and victims of sexual harassment, especially the 18-year-old girl (M.A.) who was subjected to sexual harassment at the hands of a nursing staff member at the Demerdash Hospital, named Abdul Rahman Muhammad Ubada, 23 years old.
On the evening of Sunday, October 21, 2018, the center received a call for help from the girl’s family stating that she had been sexually harassed in the intensive care unit after undergoing surgery.
The family has taken the necessary legal measures to guarantee the right of their daughter. After that, a police force moved to the hospital’s headquarters, and arrested the aforementioned suspect, took his statements and took him to the department’s office and took the legal measures and referred him to the Public Prosecution to conduct investigations. On Monday, October 22, 2018, the prosecution moved to Al-Demerdash Hospital to question the survivor and unload the surveillance cameras, and after reviewing and assessing them, and hearing the statements of the accused, the survivor and her family, the prosecution detained the suspect for 4 days pending investigations.
Tadwein Center for Gender Studies came to know, through phone calls and electronic messages, that the girl’s family is subjected to many threats and pressures by individuals claiming their relationship with the hospital administration, bargaining them with money and power, to force them to give up on the case; since it might affect the hospital’s reputation and future.
As a result, the girl gave up the report on the incident, and this incident is not the first of its kind to take place in the corridors of the Demerdash Hospital. Many other stories have been blown with the wind.

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